I know Leonas since over 10 years and I have been always admiring his talent and passion for the business together with a loyal attitude. His expertise and skills have been of great support!
Cosimo Bardi
Chief Brand Officer
Leonas is a keen businessman who takes care of every single detail of the job. Developing projects together is always a great pleasure!

Matteo Veggetti
Leonas is so passionate about his business. His experience and talent always benefits his customers. He brings value to every project that he works on.

Greg Morgan
Executive VP of Sales and Merchandising
I work with Leonas for 5 years. As a product developer it is great to work with someone with hands on mentality to get things done. Leonas expertise boosted our understanding in recliners and therefore our business. His professional attitude towards business and his broad knowledge makes him a good sparring partner to make another step forward. The solution for a ‘challenge’ is usual one phone call away.
Mark van Maanen
Upholstery Category Manager
Leonas is a true professional. I have known him for many years and have been very impressed with his growth within the industry. He knows his product well and works very hard to make sure they meet the customer’s needs.

Drew Sweeney
VP Sales, Marketing & Merchandising
From the start of doing business with Leo, he showed me a new path with great success. Innovation and knowledge of several markets is his strength. He is always ready to help out and gladly shares his vision.

René van Setten
“I had many and many times the opportunity to appreciate the professionality of Leonas.

He is not the usual supplier but
a correct and professional adviser
in the interset of the clients.”
Fabrizio Semeraro
Outsourcing Manufacturing Manager
“I have now worked with Leonas for five years on a number of supply projects. He has always provided a high standard of customer service conducted in a pragmatic way. This high level of customer service is backed up with a depth technical knowledge.”
Steve Bruce
Operations Director
“Leonas is a very good partner in order to support the business. His work is professionally done with a very good customer approach and a high technical level.

Glad to have him as a business partner.”
Marnix Roelens
Managing Director
Leonas in my opinion is a man of expertise, a truly craftsman of motion furniture. With a very service and solution oriented approach.
Aurimas Lukoševičius
Production Director
“Leo is always available, knows his stuff and is always looking for innovation.
Besides, he's a nice guy.”
Damien Melard
Lead Designer
“Working with Leonas is working with someone who is reliable: he does everything he says he’ll be doing and you get always an answer to your questions.”

Luc Meers
“Leonas is very driven and technically skilled guy who thinks about solutions. He is flexible and focused on service. Always helping the manufacturer improve and build better furniture.“
Danny Monnisson
Head of Development
“Enterprising and studious is what I associate with Leonas. Listening to the market and always in for trying new things. A reliable person to work with!”

Alex Vanraes
“Leo is always 100 % professionally prepared for the meeting, knows his stuff and can advise, cooperation is a pleasure.”

Maciej Jaworski
General Manager
For many years of stable work with Leonas, we were able to open another new production of sofas with a relax function. Leonas is a professional in his work, a competent manager and a reliable friend!
Artem Yano
Sales Director
“It is nice, rewarding and satisfying to have a supplier with high furniture knowledge. Leonas has a lot of knowledge and is flexible, solution oriented and provides customers with a high level of service.”
Lars Inge S. Jakobsen
Managing Director
Leonas is a good example of honesty and well meaning, a real professional of his trade, which myself and I hope others, had real opportunities to confirm and appreciate.
Vjacheslav Tolkovec
Chief Technology Officer
“I’ve known Leo for a few years now and have always seen him as a dedicated entrepreneur and business man. Leo has a great knowledge of the furniture industry in Europe and globally. Leo isn’t afraid to get the job done, as I have seen him traveling the world and creating business ventures from scratch. He is also a family man and great basketball player!”
Gui Peres
President of Wellness Division
Leonas is a very professional guy, master of sofa business. I first met him about 5-6 years ago at Cologne Fair and since that time our company buys mechanisms for our furniture. He is very responsible and always ready to help. Leonas has very deep knowledge of furniture and it makes him real expert for collaboration.
Elena Korchagova
Commercial Director
“Leo is an aggressive self-starter with an acute sense for international business. When reporting to me Leo worked in Europe, Russia, China, South Africa and Turkey and had an important part in implementing sales and marketing strategies for each market as well as developing sales and a distribution network. Leo was a tireless worker and a tremendous asset to Hickory Springs international efforts.”
Ben Thayer
VP International Sales (retired)
“Leo is passionate about innovation!
His constant pursuit of excellence
and challenging the status quo is inspiring.”
Nelson Travassos
Director of R&D
“Leonas contributes with passion to build the relax furniture of the new generation and future.”

Koen De Vroe
“To work with Leonas was and still is a wonderful path of life. All the projects ahead are very ambitious. I am very happy about our partnership.”
Pino Patella